Written by: Dr.Ravneet Dhaliwal

Children and adults are required to get a sports physical from all private and public schools to make sure that they are ready for the season.  

Night Watch Urgent Care Night Watch Urgent Care 🏥 Manassas, Stone Ridge, VA in Northern Virginia offers convenient complete sports physical care. Here’s what you can expect during your visit.  

Why is a sport physical necessary?

Any sport can pose a risk of injury. This includes sports such as football, soccer, basketball, cheerleaders, cross country, tennis, badminton, and also wrestlers and dancers. When you come in for your sports physical, we make sure you are up for physical body challenge and physically fit by checking the below:  

  • Vitals  
  • Joint Health
  • Posture, tone and flexibility  
  • Overall health status  

We also evaluate past medical conditions, medications, and past injuries and can guide patients if they need further management or care to perform safely.  

What to expect during your sports physical?

We start by taking vitals and a friendly conversation about your sports, goals, and your level of play. We review the medical history filled by the parent or patient.  

During this time, it’s important to tell us if you smoke, drink alcohol, or use recreational drugs, as these things can significantly affect your health and ability to perform athletically.

A thorough physical examination is performed to check overall health. The spine is examined for scoliosis, joints are examined, and mobility is checked. For boys, testicles are examined. Female body parts are usually not examined during sports physical.  

Sports physicals are not painful at all; no blood draw is needed mostly. So, there is no need to be nervous!  

We also make sure your vaccinations are up to date so please bring your vaccine record.  

If you want a green light to go play your sport of choice, please tell us about your medical history and any underlying conditions that can put you at risk, even if it doesn’t seem important to you.  

Our goal is to prepare you for a safe season!

If you still have questions please call us at Manassas – 703-589-9695, Aldie- 703-775-4999 or visit us at our website to reserve your spot for asports physical