For non-life-threatening emergencies, many parents don’t stop to consider urgent care, and they head straight to the emergency room. It isn’t always the case that you need an expensive trip to the ER when your child is injured or sick. In fact, not only does urgent care reduce your costs, it reduces your wait time, too. At Night Watch Pediatric Urgent Care, Ravneet Dhaliwal, MD leads our team in providing the best in pediatric urgent care.

It’s understandable that you’re afraid and have questions when your child has a fever. In some situations, a trip to the emergency room is in order, but not always.

If you have a child under 3 whose fever exceeds 100.4, they can get the best and most efficient treatment at Night Watch Pediatric Urgent Care. If you have a child over 3, and they’ve had a fever of 102 or over for the past 24 hours, we can treat them, and you can skip the emergency room.

What do I need if my child needs urgent care?

If your child needs urgent care, you may call us, but you don’t need to. We are open Monday through Friday until 11 pm, and Saturday and Sunday through 9 pm. Children are sick or injured all the time, and we offer walk-in appointments, as well as telemedicine, which means you can speak to a member of our team from the comfort of your home. This is especially useful during winter, when the weather and roads can make a trip to the doctor difficult. If you do pay us a visit, please try to bring your child’s regular pediatrician's information with you. We work closely with other pediatricians to ensure the best long-term care for each child.

When you come in, a member of our team greets you. On average, our patients are in and out within an hour, saving you time and saving your child the stress of being sick and out of bed. We’re equipped to perform a variety of tests to get to the root cause of your child’s fever and prescribing the best medicine for your little one.  

Why are fevers so dangerous for children?

Fevers aren’t actually the enemy. Fevers are your (and your child)’s body’s way of fighting off infections. The body temperature rises to fight the foreign body, while white blood cells are sent to fight it off. But fevers can affect the brain of a person at any age, and children can be particularly susceptible to fever seizures. If your child begins seizing during a fever, and if the seizure lasts for longer than five minutes, dial 911.

Though not every urgent care may have what they need to treat your baby or toddler, we specialize in pediatric urgent care and can help you anytime. Call us for an appointment, or use our online scheduling tool to see our available times. Walk-ins are always welcome.