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Can My Child Still Be an Athlete with Asthma?

If your child has asthma, you may wonder if he or she can still participate in sports

Forbes recognizes Night Watch Urgent Care founder in the 'Next 1000' list

Forbes "Next 1000" recognizes Dr. Dhaliwal, Night Watch Urgent Care founder and pediatrician.

Night Watch Urgent Care Aldie Clinic provides Vaccines to Children starting May 25

Night Watch Urgent Care in Aldie, Virginia in Loudon County is now a COVID vaccine site.

Night Watch Urgent Care in Manassas, Virginia now offering COVID vaccines

Night Watch Urgent Care in Manassas, Virginia now offering COVID vaccine appointments.

Changes to Urgent Care Centers due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The health care industry has progressed almost a decade in one year due to the COVID pandemic.

Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered dramatic changes throughout everyday life.

Engaging Children during Pandemic

Children of all ages need social interactions to meet their milestones and social development.

Should I Take My Child to Urgent Care or the ER?

Here are a few tips to help you decide whether to bring your child to urgent care or an ER

How to Handle Bee Stings and Bug Bites

Awareness around bee stings, spider bites and tick bites and when to see the doctor

Expert Advice for Getting Your Child to Take Medicine

Kids know every trick in the book when it comes to refusing medicine. You're not alone!

Kids and Stomachaches: When a Tummy Ache Needs a Doctor's Visit

It's hard to make a decision if your child's situation is an emergency. We hope this helps

How to Prevent and Treat 5 Common Rashes Children Bring Home from Preschool

Here are the five most common types of rashes your child might have and what to do about them